Lotus is a Norwegian Steampunk Metal band, relying heavily on melodies and brute force. The music consists of piano and orchestral compositions, mixed with heavy guitar and bass riffs, all recorded in the home of The Lotus Leaf, their own steampunk environment. Additionally, they have three unique vocals – a female lead, a dark male vocal, and growling. The beautiful and the heavy is combined into powerful songs.

On stage the band is tight and dynamic, and with a great love of playing they are a joy to see perform. Additionally, Lotus continually work to improve their show, and with a large number of people on stage, there is always something too look at.

The unsigned band from Drammen, Norway, was created in 1998 by guitarist Pål Arnold. Today the band consists of five members, who all add something to the music. Lately they have been working hard to play gigs, and wish to become a strong band in their genre.



Previous Gigs:

Popkult, Drammensbiblioteket, Norway

October 17th 2012

With: Steampunk Norway

G60, Drammen, Norway

December 2nd 2011

With: Skrømt, Atena, Subyda, Mantra & Mental Grave

G60, Drammen, Norway

October 28th 2011

With: Ponite, Les Dynamic, Zerious & others

G60, Drammen, Norway

May 14th 2011

With: Tristania & Slug Syndicate

Norbikers, Oslo, Norway

May 13th 2011

With: Heartwork, Slug Syndicate & Profania

Sekkefabrikken, Slemmestad, Norway

May 8th 2011

With: Skrømt, Fatal Frequency & many more.

Parkscenen, Drammen, Norway

May 4th 2011

With: Fatal Frequency & more.

Sans og Samling, Vestfossen, Norway

April 29th 2011

With: Mecury Sun

Gamla, Oslo, Norway

March 26th 2011

With: Acelsia & To Cast A Shadow

G60, Drammen, Norway

February 25th 2011

With: White & Surtsey, Les Dynamic, Mantra & Atena

G60, Drammen, Norway

October 1st 2010

With: Fatal Frequency & Slug Syndicate

Rock In, Oslo, Norway

September 2nd 2010

With: Acelsia

G60, Drammen, Norway

March 26th 2010

With: Slug Syndicate & Khaktus

Down Under, Mjøndalen, Norway

February 10th 2010

With: Khaktus & Timeless

Gamla, Oslo, Norway

January 30th 2010

With: Acelsia & Where Angels Fall

Down Under, Mjøndalen, Norway

December 9th 2009

With: Khaktus

G60, Drammen, Norway

December 4th 2009

With: World Service, Aristillus & Lobotomi

The Band Gathering, Union Scene, Drammen, Norway

October 11th 2009

With: Khaktus, Tightans, Muff, Avalanche, World Service & Calamity

Parkfest, Teisen, Oslo, Norway

September 13th 2009

With: Wild Water, Finn Kalvik & more

Nede På Stasjonen festival, Lierbyen, Norway

September 6th 2008

With: Maudlin Minx, Pearlbreakers, Curfew and the Groomy Pardon & many more

Ungdom Mot Narkotika Metal Night at G60, Drammen, Norway

September 5th 2008

With: Martial Machine, Slug Syndicate & Loveplanet